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We know you will love InsaniTron. Get Started to day and Receive 50 Tron direct referral bonus for every UPGRADED referral you bring to your program.

What is InsaniTron

Crypto Earning advertising platform to buy and sell shares.

InsaniTron is a fast filling 3 tiered 2x2 forced matrix system. We offer advertising credits for every level you purchase within our program.

Our program also offeres a fast filling 2x1 company forced straightline system for all members who have purchased the initial 2x2 matrix sysem.

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Main Features


InsaniTron has all the features to help you succeed in your online marketing.

Safe & Secure

Our platform uses safe and secure procedures to keep your commissions safe..

Multiple Payment Options

Use Tron, LTC, ETH or BTC to deposit securely into our system.

Fast Withdrawals

Receive auto payments twice daily for any withdrawals being placed.

Easy Recruiting

Easily PIF any referral into our system.

Personal Forced System

2x2 Systems

Get Started with our 2x2 System. Entry cost is either 30 Tron for the feeder or the main system for 250 Tron. You will receive 5 Tron direct referral bonus for the feeder and 50 Tron as a direct referral bonus for each new referral who joins you in the Main 2x2.

When you cycle the Main Level 1, you proceed to Level 2. When you cycle Level 2 you will enter Level 3. One you cycle all the levels you will receive a free entry to start over again.

When you cycle Feeder Level 1, you will earn 30Trx.

When you cycle Feeder Level 2, you will earn 60 Trx.

When you cycle Feeder Level 3, you will earn 100 Trx.

Once you complete the Feeder you will enter the Main 2x2 System

When you cycle Level 1, you will earn 150 Trx.

When you cycle Level 2, you will earn 200 Trx.

When you cycle Level 3, you will earn 5000 Trx.

Company Forced Straightline

Fast 2x1 Straightline

Cost to get started with the straighlines is just 25 Tron. You must have an active Level 1 2x2 before you are able to purchase in the straightline.

Our straightline fills left to right in the order of each purchase. Once two people fill the first level, the first position cycles. Every two purchase cycle the next person to the next level. Receive reentries to the Straighline of the 2x1 when you cycle levels 5 - 10.

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How to Get Started

Fast Track Guide

Getting Started with InsaniTron is very simple.

Step 1
Step 1
Signup Today

Click the signup link and signup under the person who sent you to this page.

Step 2:
Step 2
Fund Your Accout

We use coinpayments to process all deposits and withdrawals. Simple enter the anout of Tron you want to deposit and follow the instructions.

Step 3:
Step 3:
Purchase your positions

Once your funding is complete, purchase your Level 1 2x2. Once it is purchased you can then purchase any straightline matrices.

Step 4:
Share Your LInk

You only need to refer 2 people who also refer 2 in order to cycle the 2x2 system. The straighline doesn't require personal referrals, but rather purchases from any members for the straightline to move.

Step 5:
Step 5:
Cycle and Earn

Once you cycle all three matrices you will receive new entries into level 1 to start your cycles over again. Earn over and over unlimited times.

Quick Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a small list of frequently asked questions. If your question isn't answered here, please submit a support ticket and we will answer withing 24 hours..

How much does it cost to get started?
First, you must purchase a 2x2 position that cost 250 Trx. Once you have purchased this, you can purchase as many straightline 2x1's for 25 Trx each.
What is the deposit and withdrawal fees?
There is a 5 Trx fee to deposit and withdrawal fee.
Which cryptocurrencies do you accept for deposits and withdrawals?
We accept Trx, Ltc and Eth. All withdrawals will be paid out using Trx.
Is there a repurchase rule?
Yes, all commissions are subjected to a 10% repurchase rule to help feed the straighline cycler.
How does the straightline cycler work?
When you purchase or receive a straightline matrix, you will receive one position into level 1 of the 2x1. Each time your repurchase balance hits 25 Trx, you will receive a new straightline position within 24 hours via our system.
Can Free Members Earn with InsaniTron?
No, free members do not earn with our program. You must be an upgraded member to earn all referral bonuses and cycle commissions.